How to Stop Artificial Turf Melting?

The ever-growing popularity of artificial turf and the never-ending pursuit of making windows more efficient has come to a head-on collision. 

Window reflection is melting turf and costing homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs.

Are you a homeowner that is experienced artificial turf bur? If so, Turf Shield Window Film is the one solution guaranteed to prevent artificial turf from melting.

Why does artificial turf melt?

The most common artificial turf is made up of polyethylene, which has a melting point of approximately 221 to 239 °F degrees. The reason why artificial turf melts is because of the reflection happening off of high-performance windows called Low-E windows. 

There are several types of Low-E windows but only one specific kind causes this level of damage and increases the temperature beyond the melting point. 

Why windows cause turf to melt? 

Windows reflection causes turf to melt and Low E triple silver coatings are the most common cause for artificial turf melt, siding melt, and patio furniture melting and even burning.

Triple silver Low-E windows are the most energy-efficient windows on the market. Triple silver Low-E coatings reject 63% total solar energy. 

The energy reflected by triple silver Low-E coated windows is intensified by the natural curvature in glass, this is especially evident on larger windows. 

The curvature created by the lack of internal framing within windows sometimes intensifies or concentrates the reflection of the sun's energy on particular areas of your turf. 

This sometimes makes it difficult to identify which window is reflecting and causing artificial turf to melt.

windows melting my turf

How to stop artificial turf melting?

Perhaps the most common solution is to invest in Turf Shield Window Film. 

The film is discreet and reduces the amount of glare that bounces off the lawn. It comes in 3 different options (WhiteClear, and Black). Pricing varies a bit with black being the most popular as it looks like a screen, 

People also have the option of installing screens or awnings outside their homes to prevent sunlight from reaching the reflected surface. 

 A significant advantage of window film for turf is that it improves energy efficiency and even more for your home. 

How do you fix burnt artificial grass

  1. Remove infill and debris to measure the replacement turf piece. 
  2. Remove the damaged turf area and cut it from the back as much as possible. 
  3. check the turf piece for proper fit 
  4. Make Sure that thatch does not meet thatch 
  5. repair base under area if necessary. 
  6. Install and glue the replacement turf piece. 

Click here to watch a video.


What does window film for turf look like installed? 

Turf Shield Window Film comes in 3 options, with Black & White films being the most popular and Clear being the best for HOA's communities.

Black Window Film for turf is a black on black window film designed to stop artificial turf and synthetic turf from melting. Black Turf Shield provides the best interior visibility along with White Turf Shield but looks like a screen for exterior appeal.

Clear can look like a bug screen and distort visibility but works very well to stop turf from melting. 

Clear Window Film for Turf 

Clear window film for turf

Clear window film for turf

Black Window Film for Turf - Pictures
Black Window tint for Turf
Window tint for turf
White Window Film for Turf - Pictures 
white window tint for turf