Fake grass melting: Learn how stop turf from melting

Fake grass melting: Learn how stop turf from melting

best window film for turf melting

Window reflection melting your artificial turf? 

So you just got artificial grass and your turf installer just told you that you might need to cover your windows with window film or solar screen to protect it from melting. 

He/She is right, windows can cause your turf to melt, causing thousands or dollars of damage. Artificial turf can actually melt by reflection emitted from your low-E windows.

What should you do temporarily while waiting for window film for turf or solar screens? 

So you found out the turf melting is a real issue and you don't want to cause any damage prior to getting window film for turf (Turf Shield Window Film) or solar screens. 

Steps to take while you wait for window film for turf: 

  1. if possible water your turf this will help keep it cool for the step two. 
  2. Place a trash bag, or sheet over your windows, use low-tac or masking tape, not industrial or shipping tape to mount the sheet/bag to the glass. 
  3. keep an eye on the window reflection and identify the windows that are responsible for the damage. 
  4. make note of the reflection trail and be sure to keep that area wet and cover it asap. (be sure to measure all of the windows that may potentially damage the turf. 
  5. using your measurements order the necessary film to cover each window including screened windows for the safest possible outcome. 

What causes artificial turf to melt?

Highly efficient windows otherwise known as low E windows especially those that are green in color create a reflection that is intense enough to melt artificial grass.

How can I stop artificial turf for melting? 

There are several things you can do to prevent artificial turf from melting. 

  1. The most common solution is to apply turf shield window film.
  2. The second most common solution is to apply solar screens. 
  3. The third most popular solution is to add an awning to reduce the reflection. 

Best window film for turf? 

Turf Shield Window Film is by far the best window film for artificial turf melting,  vinyl siding melting, patio furniture melting, and vinyl fencing melting issues. 

Best Window film to apply to stop turf from melting:



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