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Exactly what I was looking for

On smaller windows, it goes on sooo easily! Larger windows is a bit more of a challenge and be sure to apply in 85 degrees or cooler. If it's hotter than that the film/screen becomes extremely "sticky" and difficult to apply smoothly. 5 stars and absolutely recommend this product and company.

Solved my Problem!

No more worries with window glare damaging my grass. Works as promised!

Turf Shield Installation kit
Prof. Putting Greens & Syn. Turf Products
Turf Shield Project 2

Just installed our second project with Turf Shield. Really fast delivery and installed the next day. We were able to install 5 windows SW facing 54" x 10' with a little left overs from our prior project. Cost of film runs just under $100 per window in our uses. Yours may vary but this will protect your even large investment of the artificial turf.

Turf Burn Abated

Let me start out saying that I was rudely introduced to turf burn the hard way.
When we had our turf installation done, there was no mention from the salesperson or work supervisor of what damage my southern facing windows could do to my investment. Unfortunately I had to discover it after my turf was already damaged and Dr. Google was able to explain what was actually happening. I reviewed my turf contract and I found one line that didn’t explain what turf burn was, but exonerated the turf company from any liability. When I called the company, I was told to go to Home Depot and those friendly clerks would point me in the right direction. Are you kidding me? Needless to say, this company did not get a great review from me.
Anyway, I needed a solution to stop the burn, so I again turned to Dr. Google and only a couple of vendors came up and one was Turf Shield. I liked the way they presented themselves and I liked the fact I could have a choice of three options: clear, black and white finish. I also watched videos on YouTube to find out how hard it was to install myself, since I am a DIY kind of guy.
The videos made it look simple enough and it was! I did the install on an overcast day so the glass would be cool and after giving them a good cleaning and cutting the Turf Shield material for the four windows, I was done in 30 minutes. Awesome product! It’s been up for 3 weeks now and still looks great.
Thanks Turf Shield!

It worked great

It was just like they said about the installation was easy and works. Great

Great product and excellent customer service!

The customers service team is top notch! I had a mishap on my part with my order and they handled far beyond my expectation. The product was easy to install after watching the the video provided on the site. This product works great and we are so happy with our purchase. We would definitely recommend! Thank you!

Loved it!

A client was having issues with his turf being roasted by the sun and I needed a solution outside of solar film that would work. I found Turf shield and the rest is history. The support is fast and the very best I have experienced working with multiple film companies. The product was really easy to put on and my client loved the look!

Clear Screen Exterior Window Film
Prof. Putting Greens & Syn. Turf Products
Prof Putting Greens - Clear Screen Install

I am a SoCal Turf installer. I ordered Window Film for a customer as I noticed some reflections. I received the package a few days later. Superfast shipping. My guys installed 8 windows in one day, simple instructions for DIY and it came out very nice. Better than I expected and does the job of keeping my expensive turf install nice throughout the hot summers. Highly recommended.

Awesome product. Does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Exceptional service. Called after I placed the order to correct it to make installation easier.

Clear Screen Exterior Window Film

Great product and incredible customer service.

I called Turf Shield on a Thursday needing the product by the weekend and they came through. The customer service was spot on. The product was easy to install and looks fantastic on my windows. It does exactly what it was supposed to do and prevents the sun from burning my beautiful new synthetic turf. I put my trust in Turf Shield and they came through better than I could have imagined.


So glad I was referred to buy this product. It absolutely serves its purpose. This is a great product. A little tough to apply while on a ladder on the upper level windows but that’s only cause of the height.

Easy peasy. Went on with no problem. Suggest watching the video and follow directions.

Will film save the camper?

Just installed yesterday. Went on pretty easy. I sure hope it helps. I've replaced two complete walls doors, trim, etc of my camper. Too the tune of $24k.

We're great

This product works

Relatively easy to install, and one of many products that actually works. I purchased another product that did not work and switched to this one. It stops the sun from reflecting entirely.

Turf shield win de ow

Works great, easy to install. Now I can enjoy my backyard.

Highly Recommend

Super easy product to work with and install. Excellent video instructions and even better customer service. A+ from me

Great product and and company!

After noticing that my newly installed turf was starting to melt from my windows, I found these guys on the web and quickly ordered the White Film. The shipping was fast and it did the trick. They have great customer support too!

It's not exactly clear

It was fairly easy to cut and install, taking on about 30 minutes from start to finish. So far the film does seem to be protective of the high reflective heat, however, it is more obtrusive visually than I was expecting. It is almost like you are looking through window glass that has a foggy haze. It would have been 5 stars if it was truly clear and not as visually present.

Death Rays have been neutralized!

My family is SO happy about these window films- now what we call the Death Rays are no longer ravaging our poor side yard and murdering our plants! We love the white film because it's not blurry and is easy to look through without it looking very obvious there's a film there. It's as noticeable as a bug screen and totally works great. I look forward to a thriving garden over here in the coming months thanks to these protective films.

Product looks great! The team at Turf Shield was extremely helpful answering my questions. Very pleased with this purchase.

Easy install and does what it claims

This is really a turf saver. Would be 5 stars but there should be options to spend less that $250 if you only need to treat a small window.

Finally something that works

Our turf was melting in our backyard we tried everything to get it to stop we had a company come out and install tint but it only made things worse. We purchased this film and had a local company install it works as advertised thank you guys