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Somewhat difficult to install on window without some slight seams. But that was because I had never used the product…I’m sure with a little practice, it would be a snap.

Easy to use

I was skeptical about putting film on the windows, but it was easy to install, and didn’t obscure the view. Should have done it sooner!



Can’t really do a review on this item as of yet. It was installed on neighbors windows cause of my vinyl siding was melting. Will wait a few months to see the outcome.

Perfect solution to what was a potentially expensive outcome. Thank you thank you thank you

Looks good but not that easy to put on

Looks good but not that easy to put on, especially by one person, unless the window is small width and height. I think the company needs to do another installation video and emphasize some things that may be difficult for just one person, like unrolling to start installation. You also need to order extra for mistakes or redos.

Great product

Fairly easy to install, very forgiving when making mistakes… excellent tint and fantastic viewing from the inside. Love the product!!

Great product

Love the look… Fairly easy to install… took a little while to get the hang of it.....once I did though, it came out fantastic.


Put it up last Wednesday and so far so good!

Turf Shield Installation kit

This film solved my lensing problem right away

I was having a problem with my high-efficiency windows lensing and burning my pool covers. I applied this, and it instantly fixed the problem! Very nice.

Easy to use, product being used to protect vinyl siding from melting .

Good product! Customer Service excellent!

Haven’t installed yet

Good stuff, but pricey

I bought the clear version but was contacted by phone and pursuaded to upgrade to black. Only time will tell if it lasts the promised 7 years, but I'm happy with the look from the outside and the view from the inside. I sure wish they would vertically integrate their business and produce the film in-house since this stuff is incredibly expensive!

Great product wasn’t so easy to install

Was pleased with the product but it came with no instructions on how to install so I watched videos on line but still ended up with some creases I don’t think it will effect the effectiveness of the window shield just not as smooth as the video I watched which was probably done by a person who does it for a living

Window film

Super easy to apply, great results

Works perfectly and was easy to install.

Installing the film was easy. It looks good on my white vinyl windows. The key for me was to not extend the excess film too far past the edge. The first window I cut it about 1.5 inches over the window (each side). Doing that created a difficult time to adjust the film as it would stick to the vinyl frame. Pulling it back of the vinyl frame was not easy. Then when cutting the excess off with the blade in the purchased kit, I tried to free hand it. That was less than optimal. I then figured out that if you use the back of the squeegee against the frame and place the blade in the middle and run them both down the frame. It would create a perfect cut. So far one month in and it has held up to 100 plus tempuratures.

The Great Protector

so far so good! I installed the white screen turf shield a few days ago. I'm hoping it will stop my trex deck from a meltdown. It was easy to install, and I love the outside privacy while allowing the day light to shine through. Very expensive product that may help my situation.

Great Product

Works as advertised

The material works as advertised to prevent turf melt. Applying the material was easy on smaller windows of 15" in width, however applying the material to a window of 45" in width did not go as planned. I ended up with seams in the middle of the window. I made a second attempt on the same window with the same result. There was no discussion on-line on how to apply the material on a large window. I believe the problem resulted from stretching of the material in the middle of the window when using the purchased applicator.

Film worked to prevent grass melting in strips, however I think I didn't receive the full quantity. I only was able to cover one half of (2) windows, couldn't cover the 3rd. Thanks Jeff. 925-787-0114

Works great

Great product

I'm so glad we put turf shield on our windows. It saved our artificial grass.


I haven't installed the film yet. I am having the siding that was damaged replaced before installation. Thank you for the quick service

Helpful Samples

We ordered Tuft Shield Window Film samples a couple weeks ago and they arrived very quickly and proved very helpful for us in deciding the best choice for our particular windows. We selected and ordered the film with the dark/black exterior as the best one for our application and are now looking to install this on 7 windows some time in the next week or so.