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More than 150,000 Sq Ft of Turf Shield Window film has been installed for the sole purpose of protecting artificial turf, patio furniture, vinyl siding, and vinyl fencing from harmful ultraviolet & infrared window reflection.

Base on customer feedback, Turf Shield Window Film has been 100% effective in eliminating the damaging effects of the sun.  

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We have not used it yet

Quick as Quick can be

It's great to know when you need material ASAP, these guys deliver!

Turf Shield

Very happy with the Turf Shield it prevents the sun from damaging our siding.
Low E windows are nice but can create problems with reflected sunlight.


The install was easy and as described. Now we wait to see if it works!!

Turf Shield Installation kit
Joseph DiBenedetto

When I install it I will let you know
Thank you for product.

Easy install

We are overall very impressed. The packaging was exceptional, install was easy to do, and so far the solar refraction seems to have been eliminated. Thank you. Will be purchasing more.

Looks great!!!!

I had a handyman install the window film and it not only looks great it is doing exactly what it is supposed to do... protect my turf and eliminate the glare.

Seems to be decent product, but no confidence ownership or customer service…red flags

I installed turf shield in a reasonable time frame and it appears to “work”. After installing, I found on the website details for warranty approval. It said that I needed to take photos of the completed project to be verified. I did this and emailed to Hayden Bonner (Max is his real name)….he didn’t reply that he had received, the following day I resent the email…no reply. The third day, I resent and within five minutes he was calling me by phone. He stated that he has been receiving countless emails from me and was not happy due to the emails (3) he had received. He said he didn’t need to reply to the emails. I asked for written confirmation for warranty but he has refused to this point. He was very emotional, unprofessional, and I let him know a simple one sentence email would make his phone call unnecessary. I asked him what his position is in the company, and he’s the owner. This was not surprising. No way would anyone hired in customer service act like this child of a man that is attempting to run a start up business. I now have no confidence in the long term outcome and security of this product due to its leadership within this company and his resistance to emailing written confirmation of warranty requests. At the end of the conversation before he hung up on me, he stated that I will never be allowed to purchase his product again. It was bizarro world. Truly weird and leaving me wondering what product I just installed on my new home build and whether it will adversely affect my high efficiency windows. Live and learn I guess, but I was looking for a solution to my melting turf and my timeline was tight.


Easy to apply and works great!

Turf Shield for Putting Green

Seems to be working so far. Up for a week on a window that reflects onto our putting green in this over 100 degree Texas heat. Application was relatively easy. Only needed to cover two windows, but glad we had enough for three windows because the first try on the first window didn’t go well. Rewatched a video and tried again. Looks great!

Turf Shield Samples Kit
Randall Baldwin
Excellent Product

I had a friend install the Truf Shield product and it was a little tough applying it. However, it is working to disperse the light rays away from the lawn, mulch, and plastic light fixtures. Great product.

Nice product

Works as advertised. Not as easy to install as advertised especially when on a ladder above ground floor. Overall would recommend.

Clear Screen Exterior Window Film

Turf Shield Installation kit

Clear Screen Exterior Window Film

Good product. Does the job pretty well.

I have couple of energy efficient windows that were reflecting light and causing my turf to burn. I went for this product because that’s the only thing I found online that directly addresses this specific problem. It works as advertised. Would definitely recommend if you find yourself in this situation.

The solution to melted siding

Measured and used a square and straight edge to cut to approximate size. Once I got it started on the window it went on easily. It does tear easily so use a sharp blade to trim in around the window. Does not block view from inside. Next project is to replace 5 sections of sun damaged siding, then we will know how well the product works! We ordered extra so can replace it when needed.

White Screen Exterior Window Film

Our artificial turf is now protected from melting

The window film reduced the sun's damaging reflection off of our home windows.

Haven't installed yet, waiting on installation kit. Otherwise, looks good...

Expectations are high

I installed for 2 windows. Pay real good attention to the install video and try to enact a couple of practice runs before application. Once its on, it's real difficult to adjust without stretching. The material is delicate and can rip easily if you are not careful. It looks great once it's on. Time will tell if it works, and it's durability.

Be Careful

Careful tucking in the corners, tears easily. But the product does what it says it will. Stopped the burning of my turf!

Just what I needed to fix the problem

Very easy to install on Andersen casement windows and 1/4 round

Good Stuff

Seems to work well. Pain to set up as are all window clings similar to this. I'd buy it again if we ever needed more.

Somewhat difficult to install on window without some slight seams. But that was because I had never used the product…I’m sure with a little practice, it would be a snap.