Turf Shield Window Film - Window Film for Turf

Why does Artificial Turf Melt?

Why does artificial turf melt?

What causes turf to melt? 

Turf Melts, because of the reflection of the sun bouncing off of high-performance windowsincreases the temperature beyond the grasses melting point.  


Artificial turf melting has become a more common issue for homeowners and facility managers because windows have increasingly improved performance over the last decade. Energy code requirements, specifically Title 24, mandated high-performance windows to improve insulation and reduce solar heat gain. 

  • Title 24 is energy standards that address the energy efficiency of new (and altered) homes and commercial buildings. Since 1978, California residents must meet the energy efficiency standards contained in Title 24, Part 6 of the California Code of Regulations. (learn more). 

What types of windows that cause window reflections to melt/burn turf and more?

While there are thousands of window types, only a few cause polyester and vinyl material to melt, Low E windows are the primary contributor to artificial turf melting, vinyl siding melting, and furniture melting damage. 


What are low-E windows?

Low E windows


Low Emittance, or Low E, is a thin, colorless, and non-toxic coating applied to window glass to improve energy efficiency. These windows are completely safe and become the standard of energy efficiency in new homes across the country. 


Low-E coatings applied to the windows help to prevent infrared light from entering the home. Also, Low-E helps maintain heating/cooling energy. As a result, they are much more energy-efficient, saving you on heating and cooling costs and reducing your energy bill. 


Also, low E windows block infrared light and UV light, drastically reducing visible light. Of course, they will ease some visible light when compared to a transparent glass. However, a lot of natural light will transmit through keeping your home nice and bright. 


How low e windows work and why they melt turf?


Why do Low E window reflections damage Turf, Vinyl siding, and patio furniture?  


Well, as we have learned, Low E windows are great at reducing infrared light, the primary contributor to heat in a home. They are so good; they have become unintentional engineered into a magnifying glass reflecting solar energy into the outside world into a concentrated beam that is damaging artificial turf, melted siding, and burned patio furniture. 

How to stop windows from damaging turf, vinyl siding, and patio furniture? 

Turf Shield Window Film To stop turf from melting


Window Film! But not just any window film for turf, Turf Shield Window Film.  Many copy cat films have sprung up to make a quick buck, but Turf Shield Window Film is the tried and true solution for homeowners and facility managers Guaranteed to Work! 

Turf Shield Window Film is a unique perforated window film product specifically designed to refract the light across the glass's surface, neutralizing the reflection completely. 

Applying TSWF makes for no harsh reflection that can cause melting. It is also a vinyl-based product that expands and contracts with the glass, eliminating glass breakage chances associated with traditional solar control films. 

Turf Shield Window Film is formulated to withstand cold weather conditions, Snow, and water after being applied. This window film for turf solution will prevent siding, patio furniture, and other polyester-based materials from damaging low-E window reflections. 

There is 3 Popular window film for turf melting options. 

 We will list the films in a good, better, to best format. 

 Good Window film for turf melting

  • Turf Shield Window Film Clear - is a transparent window film for turf melting. It is a clear perforated product specifically designed to stop artificial turf from melting. 


  •   Blurry when looking out from the inside of the home or building. The blurry look happens because our eyes want to adjust and focus on interior and exterior light, distorting our depth perception resulting in a blurring view.
  • Does not provide privacy during the day or night 

Be Aware there are Cheap imitation films. These films tend to fail quickly, and rarely are they backed by a legitimate warranty. 



  • Clear Turf Shield Window Film is ideal for eliminating turf melting, siding damage, and furniture burning issues. 
  • it's transparent, making it a perfect solution for HOA's 
  • Easy to self-install. 
  • 70% UV protection - UV Coated for Long Life
  • 70% Reduction in glare
  • Reduces heat in the summer, reduces heat loss in winter



Better Window film for turf Melting 

  • White Turf Shield Window Film is an excellent solution for those looking to have better visibility when looking out of a window from inside a home or building.  


  • White on the exterior of the window. 
  • does not provide privacy at night


    • Looks great and provides clear views when looking out of from the inside of the home or building
    • 70% UV protection - UV Coated for Long Life
    • 70% Reduction in glare
    • Reduces heat in the summer, reduces heat loss in winter.

Best Window film for turf melting 


  • Turf Shield Window film Black is the best solution to stop the melting of turf, siding, patio furniture, synthetic and organic material. This window film for turf is the most aesthetically appealing according to peer review and customer feedback. 


  • It looks like a screen 


  • Looks great and provides clear views when looking out of from the inside of the home or building
  • 70% UV protection - UV Coated for Long Life
  • 70% Reduction in glare
  • Reduces heat in the summer, reduces heat loss in winter.
  • Turf Shield window film black Looks like a screen and matches well with pre-existing screens 



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