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Turf Shield Window Film

Turf Shield Installation kit

Window Film for Turf Installation tools

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4Pcs/Set Turf Shield Exterior Window Film installation kit. Includes Felt Squeegee, Cutting knife, Film Splicer, and Blades 

Exterior Installation

All of our films are designed to be installed on the exterior side of the window. (Outside)

Pre-Installation Guidelines:

* Prior to installation of Turf Shield, we recommend attaching a small piece of Turf Shield window film to glass as a test to help you become accustomed to the film's characteristics, including adhesion strength.

* Glass surface must be clean. Use mild soap and water to clean the glass. Do not use glass cleaners with solvents (e.g., Windex®). Use 85% isopropyl alcohol, if desired, to remove any residue; allow it to evaporate completely before installing film.

* Surface must be completely dry. Use lint-free cloth or industrial paper towels to dry glass.

* Temperature of glass must be moderate —between approx. 40º F (5º C) and 90º F (32º C).

* In cold weather, apply film in late afternoon, after windows have warmed up. Applying film to glass that is too cold may adversely affect adhesion of film.

* In hot weather, apply film in the early morning, while glass is still cool. Applying film to glass that is too hot can cause the film to stretch during installation.

Installation Steps

Step 1

Lift the upper edge of the liner away from the film and fold back approximately 3-6 inches (depending on the size of the film). 

Step 2

Carefully position the film so that it is properly aligned on all sides, then press the upper corners in place using light pressure.

Step 3

Using your hand or a soft plastic squeegee, lightly press the film in place.

Step 4

Working from the top of the film to the bottom, continue by peeling away more of the liner and applying light pressure to the film. Continue in this manner until the liner is completely removed and the window film is in place.

Step 5

Using a utility knife, carefully trim away any unneeded portion of the film.

Step 6

If you are installing more than one panel, follow steps 1 through 5 for each panel. Properly align each film in relation to the adjoining panel(s).


In the case of film that must be seamed together, install the two pieces so that the edges of the film butt against each other, with the holes aligned (don't overlap the two edges of the film).

Step 7

Finally, squeegee the film from the center and work outward in all directions. Be sure to squeegee the edges firmly in place.

 Step 8

Step back and admire your work!


When will I receive my order?
We handover the rolls to USPS in 1-3 days depending on the number of orders we have in the process. 

For the orders in the USA; it typically takes 3-5 days for USPS to deliver the roll to your address. Generally, you should be able to receive the roll in 3 to 5 days.

How much does shipping cost?
Shipping is not free. Choose the option that best suits your needs. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Prof. Putting Greens & Syn. Turf Products
Turf Shield Project 2

Just installed our second project with Turf Shield. Really fast delivery and installed the next day. We were able to install 5 windows SW facing 54" x 10' with a little left overs from our prior project. Cost of film runs just under $100 per window in our uses. Yours may vary but this will protect your even large investment of the artificial turf.

Dave Whaley
Turf Burn Abated

Let me start out saying that I was rudely introduced to turf burn the hard way.
When we had our turf installation done, there was no mention from the salesperson or work supervisor of what damage my southern facing windows could do to my investment. Unfortunately I had to discover it after my turf was already damaged and Dr. Google was able to explain what was actually happening. I reviewed my turf contract and I found one line that didn’t explain what turf burn was, but exonerated the turf company from any liability. When I called the company, I was told to go to Home Depot and those friendly clerks would point me in the right direction. Are you kidding me? Needless to say, this company did not get a great review from me.
Anyway, I needed a solution to stop the burn, so I again turned to Dr. Google and only a couple of vendors came up and one was Turf Shield. I liked the way they presented themselves and I liked the fact I could have a choice of three options: clear, black and white finish. I also watched videos on YouTube to find out how hard it was to install myself, since I am a DIY kind of guy.
The videos made it look simple enough and it was! I did the install on an overcast day so the glass would be cool and after giving them a good cleaning and cutting the Turf Shield material for the four windows, I was done in 30 minutes. Awesome product! It’s been up for 3 weeks now and still looks great.
Thanks Turf Shield!

Terry Butler

Easy peasy. Went on with no problem. Suggest watching the video and follow directions.

Joseph Kincaid

We're great


Artificial turf melts because of reflection bouncing off your windows, creating a concentrated light beam onto your synthetic turf. 

Melting turf can cost homeowners thousands of dollars in repair costs. Turf companies are sometimes ill-equipped to identify the type of glass that will cause the damage.

Turf Shield Window Film Black

Turf Shield Black window film looks great on windows and is the best if your looking to save your view.